Flying Vikings Planes:

Based at Rancho Murieta and Cameron Park


N2826U (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: Jume 24, 2006
Landings at Rancho for currency

This is an old plane, as well. The switches and instruments were in different places, and it had a parking-brake-style flap switch, like the warrior does. And the intercom didn't work. But it liked to fly!
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N9210G (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: April 30, 2006
Landings at Rancho for currency

This plane needs some work! It has been a nice plane, but at least two of the gauges are broken/inoperative, and there's a handful of things wrong with it. Nothing that would ground it, but things that need fixing.
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N5587R (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: Jan 8, 2006
Landings at Rancho Murieta

This one is an older plane. The instrument panel is different, the yokes are different, the switches are different. But in a cool way. It flies fine, I like it, and it's supposed to have a new ignition in it now.
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N1209F (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: July 23, 2005
Around Rancho Murieta for currency

This plane only has a 2 place intercom. Other than that it's fine, but it makes it a crummy choice for a cross country with 3 people.
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N61736 (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: May 31, 2005
Cameron Park to McClellan

I like this plane, except that the passenger window does not open. Which we found out as we were setting off on a photography trip.
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N1215U (Cessna 172)
Mather Field (MHR)
Last flown: April 23, 2005
For Wings Level II proficiency

I used to dislike this plane, but it got better. It flies well, the power is nice, and I have no other complaints, other than a couple of the instruments are mounted back in the instrument panel a little far.
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N6359D (Cessna 172)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: June 5, 2004
Franklin landings and back to Rancho Murieta

Used to have a busted push-to-talk switch, I hope it's been fixed. But the plane itself has plenty of guts.
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N6387D (Cessna 172)
Sacramento Executive Airport (SAC)
Last flown: October 26, 2003
To Franklin for currency

This one has enough guts, as well. Been a while since I've flown it, though.
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N7036F (Piper Warrior)
Rancho Murieta (RIU)
Last flown: Sept 1, 2003
Back from Bakersfield

I like this style plane asthetically. It's also nice and comfortable, but it's just a little slower than the 172s. Fun to fly but just a little too slow for a cross country.
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N7287Q (Cessna 172)
Sacramento Executive (SAC)
Last flown: October 9, 2002
To Franklin doing landings

This one had some get-up-and-go! It supposedly had a normal size engine, but it climbed better than anything else I've flown. Unfortunately, the plane has been sold off.
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