Landings with Chase and Riley

Currency time came up again - you really need to fly more than the minumum, but that's another story - and Chase's friend Riley was in town. So I took them with me to do landings.

There was a new plane, 2826U, that I wanted to try out. It was old, like 5587R. Different master switch, gauges all in different places, and this was the first 172 I've seen with a parking-brake style flap switch. You pulled it up from the floor like a parking brake in a smaller car. The Warrior (7036F) has that, too.

The next thing we noticed was that the intercom didn't work. The radio did, so I could make my calls, but we couldn't talk to each other. Chase and Riley were in the back, I don't think they cared that much. So I did my landings - the first was ok, the second was PERFECT!, and the third was about halfway between.

It flew well. It flew so well it didn't really want to come down. :-) I had to work it to get it to start descending. That's not a bad thing.

Riley got a little queezy, but not bad. The worst part was when Chase tried to put the tail tie down on, and found that it was a greasy chain. :-) We got washed up before we went back home.

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