8 months later...

June 5, 2004. Seven and a half months or so since the last time I flew (Oct 26, 2003). The weather turned bad back then and I got busy when it turned good again, so I haven't flown for almost 8 months. That's almost a crime.

So this weekend it all fell together - well, I had a free weekend. Free enough to go fly for a few hours, anyway. So my buddy Jeff and I called Donn (our instructor) and off we went.

The plane, of course, needed a quart of oil and some gas. The gas truck, of course, was out of gas. The truck part, not the aviation fuel part. We managed to get one full tank, and the other half full, called it good, and off we went.

Jeff flew first this time. Always let the other guy go first. You can learn from the mistakes he makes and not make them. Not as bad, anyway. That's how it went today. We flew over to Franklin... well, Jeff flew over with me in the back seat. He did 6 or 8 or so landings (I didn't count), most of which were pretty good. Donn was coaching him on his airspeed and attitude (plane's attitude, not Jeff's), and I listened.

My turn came about, and I paid close attention to my airspeed and attitude. Worked like a charm, I did 8 landings and I haven't done langings that well since my training, when I was doing 16 or 18 landings a week. :-) ALWAYS let the other guy go first!

The only problem we had (other than the gas truck) was with the push-to-talk switch on the radio. It only kinda worked for Jeff, and I broke it in two. The cover was off, so we were pushing on the innards of the switch to talk. It didn't work every time. It worked once for me, then cracked in half. Donn made most of the radio calls after that.

So anyway, now I'm current again, and vowed not to let it go 8 months again. This also counted as the second hour towards my second WINGS certificate. Another hour (or so) of training and an evening's lecture before August and I qualify.

Now I get to look forward to my medical in November...

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